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maintains a list of vessel names, home ports, vital statistics, and ownership records.

What is the origin of has its roots in the marine industry. Through the years, we’ve enjoyed many sailing and powerboating experiences. We’ve also owned marinas. This wide-ranging background has given us access to different varieties and sizes of boats. Through our frequent interactions with boaters, we have become aware that boat owners really (really!) love their boats. In fact, owners often express their personality through their sailboat, powerboat, or personal watercraft. And, what better way to let everyone know about that than through a national boat name registry? So, we created, the #1 way to record your boat name.

How can I determine if my boat name and home port are currently in use?

You can easily determine whether your boat name and home port combination are currently in use in the United States. With just a few clicks, you can browse our searchable database containing over 400,000 registered and documented boat names. Keep in mind that you might find your boat name associated with home ports across your state or even across the country. However, your exact name and home port combination might not be currently in use. If that’s the case, we invite you to register your boat name and home port with (bnr).

How can I record my boat name?

Recording your boat name with bnr is simple, and just takes a few minutes. Complete our short online form, and upload an (optional) photo of your boat that shows its name and home port. By doing that, you’ll claim that name/home port combination in the bnr registry. And, you’ll show off your pride and joy for your fellow boaters. Finally, submit a quick-and-easy online payment, and you’re finished.

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