boat name registry

Maintains a List of Vessel Names, Home Ports, Vital Statistics, and Ownership Records.

Renaming Your Boat: A Cause for Celebration

Christening a boat is a time-honored tradition that mariners have practiced throughout the ages. In essence, a captain of a just-launched ship would celebrate the occasion and ask for the gods’ blessings throughout the vessel’s journeys.

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BNR’s Guide to Winterizing Your Boat

BNR’s Guide to Winterizing Your Boat

Fall’s arrival means winter’s cold, snowy weather won’t be far behind. In areas with chilly (or frigid) winter temperatures, boaters are reluctantly putting their boats to sleep for an extended nap. Before doing that, however, most boatowners are winterizing their vessels from stem to stern.

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The Nuts and Bolts of Naming Your Boat

You’re finally ready to name (or rename) your boat. You’ve been combing through boat name databases for days, and you finally found a boat name that fit your boat’s vibe and your personality. Now, you need to place that name on the boat’s hull.

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