boat name registry

Maintains a List of Vessel Names, Home Ports, Vital Statistics, and Ownership Records.

Boat Sales Drive Nationwide Boating Bonanza

Boats, boats everywhere. Take a seagull’s-eye view of United States’ creeks, rivers, and coastal waters. You’ll see a dramatic increase in the number of boats on the water during the Summer of 2020. If you’ve been on the water, you’ve seen the additional boat traffic. And, you’ve likely experienced the rocking and rolling from the increased boat wakes.

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5 Tips for Choosing the Right Boat Name

You’ve finally joined the ranks of happy boat owners, and you’re excited to begin your adventures on the water. You recently bought all your required safety gear, and outfitted the cabin in your favorite color scheme. You even splurged on some of the latest electronics.

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The Modern Way to Christen a Boat

Christening your boat is a nautical tradition that’s thousands of years old. In fact, virtually every seagoing culture has adopted its own version of a boat naming ceremony. Whether you’re christening a canoe, a cruising sailboat, or a motor yacht, the ceremony will be largely the same. In fact, similar guidelines apply when you christen a ship. View these useful suggestions for christening your boat, and access a more traditional boat naming ceremony geared to nautical purists.

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